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Some things I've worked on

Image of Pacman


University Project (Individual)
A Unity Pacman clone
Image of IOU


University Project (Group)
An I-Owe-You React app
Image of What2do


University Project (Group)
A group-poll React app
Image of OzBargain API

OzBargain API

Passion Project
Data-scraping Express endpoint
Image of TikTalk


Hackathon App (Group)
Firebase vanilla JS chat app
Image of This Website!

This Website!

Passion Project
Dabbling with Next.js


University of Technology Sydney logo
Bachelor of Information Technology (3 years)

Co-op Scholarship Program

Class of 2022

Image of UTS Building 11 at nighttime

Notable Achievements

  • UTS Accomplish Platinum Award 2019
  • UTS FEIT Dean's List 2020
  • UTS FEIT Dean's List 2021
  • High Distinction Weighted Average Mark (WAM)
  • Undertook Data Structures & Algorithms class (HD)
  • Student Promotional Representative

Previous Experience

WiseTech Global logo
Software Engineer (2019-2020, 1.5 years)

Six-month internship and a full year of part-time work, full-time university

  • Large enterprise .NET application
  • Exposed largely to C#
  • Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Part of the ROPE, BorderWise and PAVE teams
  • Exposure to Git, TFS, Python Flask and SQL Server
  • Worked primarily with WPF and WinForms
Nine Entertainment logo
Software Engineer (2021, 9 months)

Six-month internship and three months of part-time work, full-time university

  • Worked on enterprise .NET applications in Tech Commercial Products team
  • Worked in Agile front-end development with JIRA, BitBucket in the 9Now Web team
  • Worked on a large full-stack React Redux application and Express APIs
  • Big contributor to major 9Now Web TV-series page redesign
  • 100% improvement to 9Now Web project's Lighthouse score with virtualized lazy loading

What I can do for you

Here's what I can bring to the table

If you're looking for a new team member:

  • I am a great team player and highly value communication
  • I am highly motivated
  • I value other perspectives and embrace openness
  • I am always willing to learn

If you're looking for me to create a website or application:

  • I have the technical skills to create great websites
  • I look to maintain accountability of my products
  • I pride myself on organsiation and time management
  • I value clear communication lines
  • I value your time and effort

Reach out to me via social links at the top